The laboratories in the institution are fully equipped and well maintained to carry out curricular and research activities at NRI. We belive that laboratory is a place to test and practice classroom knowledge. The labs here are among the best.

They not only enable smooth conduct of curriculam oriented experiments but also to carry out project and research oriented works.

The systems in the computer labs are all next generation branded ones making the labs among the best in any college in the state


Computer Center(Computing Facility-1)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-2)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-5)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-6)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-7)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-8)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-9)
Computer Center (Computing Facility-10)
Project & Research Lab (Computing Facility-13&14)
Applied/Engineering physics Lab
English Communication Skills lab

Electronics & Communication Engineering LabS

Electronics Devices and Circutes
Analog communication Lab
Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab
Digital IC Applications Lab
Electronics Circuit Analysis Lab
Project and Research Lab
Digital communication Lab
Microprocessor and Micro controllers Lab
Linear I.C Applications Lab
Microwave and Optical Communication Lab
Electronics and Computer Aided Design Lab
Digital Signal Processing Lab

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Labs

Power Electronics Lab
Electrical Measurements Lab
Control Systems Lab
Electrical Machines Lab
Electrical Circuits Lab
Power Systems Lab
Electrical Simulation Lab

Civil & Mechanical Engineering Labs

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab
Strength of Materials Lab
Surveying Lab