Computer Centre

The computer center is kept open from early in the morning till late in the night for the students to work in. The Computer Centre caters to the computational and communicational needs of all the Sections and Departments of the college. The centre has the following facilities:

Computer Centre (Lab)

Computer Centre has over 60 PC's. The facility is used for conducting Online Exams for students during placement by various Companies. The Centre conducts Computer Literacy Test for selection of candidates for employment in various Government Departments of the state. The Computer Centre is also utilized for various Training Programs for the students and staff of the College. The centre uses Free Software for Servers and subscribes to MSDN Academic Alliance which caters to the Microsoft software requirements for the entire college. The centre takes care of maintenance and renewal of MSDN subscription.

The centre takes care of the configurations, Monitoring and maintenance of the Internet links, Servers, College Website, Storage, active and passive components of the Campus Wide Network, etc. College has its own website and the same is developed and maintained by Computer Centre. The computer centre also takes care of domain name registration and renewal. College is now poised to imbibe the latest developments in the field of Information technology.